Understanding and Assessing “Multiplicity”

the seeking and maintaining a life of multiple women and abandoned children

By Cedric Wood, Ph.D.

There is a great need for children to have two parents who raise them without affairs and without divorce. Their hearts, minds, psyches, and souls will be healthier and happier.

Few parents achieve a perfect “10” score. That score would be meeting and dating between the ages of 20 and 30, marrying, having children together, never divorcing, and having no affairs. That would garner a score of 10 because that is the ideal. No school shooters, wife abusers, or terrorists come from this home situation.

There is no shame in having a little less than a score of 10. For instance, you may date 4 to 8 women or men before you meet the perfect one at age 35. You may meet, marry and have children and then lose that spouse to death and go on to marry again and maybe have more children. There is also little shame in drifting apart as you age and deciding to divorce in order to seek a partner who is better suited to your personality or needs. This may actually create a better home life for the children, though, sadly, it’s rare.

There are millions of young people growing up in America, and around the world, who are oblivious to this reality. Because they do not have Christian values, they view multiplicity as a natural way of life; after all, that’s what mom and dad did!

There needs to be a scoring system developed. The factors feeding into it would be

1. Number of relationships: the ideal would be meeting the one woman or man between ages 20 and 30 and being loyal throughout life. However, 2 to 6 is okay. At 8, and certainly more than 10, it starts indicating a problem with multiplicity.
2. Number of times you would quit a relationship due to infidelity or constant conflict and move on to another one.
3. Number of children with 2 or more women begins to indicate a problem
4. Number of affairs is a problem: even one is a problem and it feeds the “dysfunction” score.
5. Number of children who are being neglected is a big problem. There are millions of men and women in America who are neglecting their children. It is a bad situation when you live with the child and neglect them but it is far worse when you don’t. This happens after a separation, a divorce, a deployment, a job requirement, or an illness which removes the parent for long periods of time.

All these would be taken into the assessment and a score would be given. Hopefully, teaching young people this scoring system, along with relationship and parenting skills, would instill in them an awareness that “chasing around” is not a sign of high character and is ill-advised.

Education does work to instill a conscience in young people. Our nation has drifted further and further away from these values since World War II. The result is rampant crime, disaffected youth, rising suicide rates, and spreading depression and other mental illnesses. All these symptoms are costing taxpayers billions of dollars.*

*The court system, the jails and prisons, the welfare system, the police and fire departments, insurance and non-profits providing therapy, child protective services, and the hospitals to treat and bandage up the wounded students and wives and husbands.

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