Relationship Counselor in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a therapist who can help you with the conflict in your relationships? With unique techniques in communication, I can steer you toward peace and love in your relationships.

Cedric S. Wood

With 24 years of counseling experience and 27 years of inpatient clinical experience, he has the expertise and knowledge to help even in extreme and chronic cases.

Dr. Wood specializes in family therapy which includes couples counseling, parent-child counseling, parent-grown adult child counseling, and parenting issues. Dr. Wood has knowledge and experience working with a wide range of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Most every one of his clients report feeling much better following therapy and the couples report having a much better relationship, sometimes after only a few sessions. Following a family systems perspective and utilizing John Bradshaw’s healing techniques, Dr. Wood focuses on empathic listening, validation, and genuine compassion to help clients improve their mood and heal their wounded emotions.