Praise and Compliments

Aug. 25, 2019

“Yours are the best groups here in the hospital, hands down. You treat us like adults and not like 4 year olds like some of the other therapists do.”

March 18, 2018

“Thank you. You’re different than the others. It was good advice, I just wanted to thank you!”

Aug. 26, 2017

“You are an excellent, excellent presenter. Where can I go to learn all about your knowledge? You are presenting exactly what I needed to know. My kids came in and gave me a hard time and it only led to me feeling bad and walking out.”

Dr. Molina said:
Cedric is an excellent group leader.

Nov. 4, 2016
S.: “Oh, it feels so much better just talking about this. Now I feel more relaxed.”

Sept. 19, 2015
C. “I just have to stop here and say, You are the most empathic therapist. You’re just great, it feels so good. Those white women my age just don’t have it. The Jewish therapist was (empathic), though. She was good.”

March 3/6/2014
B: (My past therapist) “He insisted on three times a week.”
(Q) “No, we just talked. Nobody’s gotten into my brain the way you have gotten into my brain. And we haven’t been talking that long. Everybody else has talked around it Maybe I just felt like opening up or maybe you’re a hellava better doctor. Nobody’s been able to pull things out that; before I just wasn’t ready to share.”
“I wouldn’t think about it enough to even discuss it”
Dr. Wood: “This is the work of therapy.”
Cl: I’ve seen a lot of therapists. I had just about given up on therapists.”

March 23, 2013
J: was saying how when he went to see other marriage counselors they would point out what he was doing wrong and he would leave feeling “beat up.” L. “Yeah, he felt ‘ganged up on.’”
J.: when I leave here I feel good. You point out how what I’m doing is good and right, and then point out difficulties with what (we) said.
L. didn’t like how they would point out that my behavior was just part of the difference between men and women and sent the signal that she would just have to live with that since he is a man.
L. “what we talk about in here is what I have said to him many times but for some reason when you (Dr. Wood) echo it back he seems to hear it in here.
J. “I learn something new in here every time.”