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Past President and Current Senator for Dallas Metro Counseling Association • Member of Dallas Psychological Association and American Psychological Association • Also involved with Dallas Association of Marriage and Family Therapy • Relationship Counselor • Family Therapy • Life Coaching • Emotional Intelligence Coaching • 27 Years of Experience

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Service Executive


Service Executive

Emotional Intelligence and Egopathy (book)

“Mank” Movie Review

by Cedric Wood March 28, 2021 “Mank” is a bloated but brilliant take on the story of how Herman Mankowitz lived his life during and before he was tapped to write a script, seemingly about whatever he felt like writing. It turned out to be about the mega wealthy newspaperRead More

Compliments from Clients and Patients

4th Annual Symposium on Understanding School Shooters

Understanding and Assessing “Multiplicity”

Egopathy: New definition

“Gifted” Movie Review

Film Review: Deconstructing Revolver (The Beatles Album)

Tarek said it was ‘bad communication’ that ended their marriage. Don’t let this happen to you!

3rd Annual Symposium on Understanding School Shooters and Other Violent Actors will take place on April 28th at 4:00pm.

Dr. Cedric Wood creates a new model of understanding school shooters and other violent acts

Parenting Class Mandated